Farming overheads dip against trend of across-the-board cost increases

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The sharp rise in the cost of overheads for farmers has slowed down significantly in the past six months, it has been claimed.

New statistics from the Anglia Farmers organisation showed that the cost of farming had risen by 1.53 per cent between September and February, down massively on the 13 per cent seen in the previous 12 months.

The Anglia Farmers group said that fuel and animal feed have shown rises in the past six months while seed and fertilizer costs dropped.

However despite the decline in the rise of inflation, the market remains very volatile.

The overall cost of arable, livestock and dairy farming is still rising.

Clarke Willis, group chief executive of Anglia Farmers, said: “Overall agricultural inflation of 1.53 per cent is a welcome relief to some massive increases over the last few years especially in fertiliser, fuel and animal feed.

He added: “As ever, our ability to buy inputs and a whole range of goods and services on behalf of our members as competitively as possible continues to be an absolute necessity for them to remain profitable.

“The input supply chain within the agricultural supply industry needs to be constantly challenged to contain costs.”