Fashion revolution at the checkouts

Heidi Klum has launched a first fashion collection for Lidl.

Get chic luxe looks along with your milk at Lidl and your books at Amazon. Stephanie Smith reports on two significant new labels.

There’s a fashion revolution taking place right now, right here and across the world as global retailers make designer-led, luxe-looking clothing accessible to the masses.

Heidi Klum (L) and Global 6 Influencer Diipa Khosla walk the conveyor belt runway during the Esmara By Heidi Klum Lidl Fashion Presentation at New York Fashion Week (Photo by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images for Storey/North Six Group ) ***

This is equal style rights for all. It sees massive international companies launch their own fashion labels to meet the demands of an increasingly style-savvy shopper who seeks flash AND dash for her cash.

First the flash. At New York Fashion Week last Thursday, German supermodel Heidi Klum launched Esmara, the brand she has created for budget supermarket chain Lidl. The Project Runway judge showcased an 18-piece collection featuring pretty much every wardrobe must-have the canny club chic international dresser could wish for. Witness the leopard-print wrap dress, the leopard-print blazer, the leather biker, the sequin bomber , the super-skinny jeans and the cami layer tops (including leopard-print).

“My inspiration was New York City,” she said. “New York City to me was always the urban jungle. In the jungle you find animals. You find leopards.” She added: “I feel like I can give women the opportunity to try and be a little wilder if they want to.”

So far, so fashion, but what of the setting? If the aisles of Lidl are not where many of us expect to channel our wild style side, the supermarket chain begs to disagree. It embraces and celebrates its mass-appeal, work-a-day, no-nonsense image. The Heidi & The City collection launched in New York at a supermarket themed party, pretend shelves stacked with pretend cleaning and food products. The message is loud and proud – why shouldn’t a budget supermarket be a super-chic fashion destination?

Printed wrap dress, �35; two tone jeans, �32; patent kitten heel boots, �56. From find., a new brand by Amazon Fashion, which has launched its first ever womenswear advertising campaign in the UK, Germany, Italy, France, and Spain

The collection hit the 670 Lidl UK stores on Monday. It’s a clever range and hits a certain spot, a carefully realised collection of instantly recognisable, contemporary classic, co-ordinating wardrobe staples that work with what you’ve already got at home. That leopard blazer is just the thing for adding a touch of glam to an otherwise unremarkable black trousers and top ensemble, and at £16.99, you can just chuck it in with the milk and the washing up liquid.

Inclusivity is at the collection’s heart in terms of affordability, with prices from £4.99 to £49.99. In terms of sizes, it covers UK size 8 to size 18, so 18-plus women are excluded from this particular equal style rights revolution, which seems a shame and also slightly surprising. Shoes are in sizes 3.6 to an 8.

On now to the designer dash, which comes from find. (note the lower case f and the full stop – edgy), a new brand by Amazon for the UK, Germany, Italy, France and Spain.

Created for Amazon customers, find. aims to offer quality key seasonal pieces and essentials that inspire but don’t cost the earth (I assume that means both in terms of money and environmentaal and ethical protection). These are statement looks for autumn/winter, heavily inspired by current trends, with a close eye on street styling, offering hero pieces and seasonal outfit builders.

Heidi Klum models pieces from her new collection which launches this week at Lidl.

There’s a red floral wrap dress, two-tone, wide-leg cropped jeans, hot pink sock boots and slogan tee, alongside timeless high style staples, such as a plaid trench and denim.

Fashion-forward pieces include vinyl macs, metallic and velvet separates and kitten heel boots.

Sizes are UK 8 top to 20 on many styles, jeans start at £26 and a trench is £55, a jersey jumpsuit £28.

This collection is all about self-expression and styling. Glen George, director of find. said: “We believe our customers have their own personal style and find. is about celebrating that. We know they enjoy the hunt for and discovering of a fashion gem.”

Check blazer, �40; Les Filles Sont Heroiques tee, �10; Zip front jeans, �34; sock boots, �49. From find., a new brand by Amazon Fashion, on

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One-shoulder dress, �30; patent kitten heel boots, �56. From find., a new brand by Amazon Fashion, on

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