Fast and exemplary treatment from the NHS

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From: Norman J Hazell MBE, Woolgreaves Drive, Sandal, Wakefield.

Over the many years in which I have been involved in politics, both at local level and through four Parliamentary campaigns, I have often heard criticism of the National Health Service.

The other weekend, I quite literally had my eyes opened – no pun intended!

I was driving into Wakefield on Friday morning when, out of the blue, after seeing a few “floaters” in my right eye, the eye went completely blank. I had just parked off Northgate where, right across the road, I saw an opticians so I had no hesitation in heading there for advice.

The optician was very busy attending to patients but very kindly fitted me in, first for a preliminary examination, then after putting in “drops”, examined my affected eye before contacting the Eye Clinic at Pinderfields Hospital for an urgent appointment.

On Monday morning, after a thorough examination at Pinderfields, I was transferred to St James’s Hospital in Leeds, where after further examination I was taken to the operating theatre in the Chancellor Wing, where a 90-minute operation to clear the haemorrhage was undertaken late in the afternoon by a marvellous surgical team.

Afterwards, in the recovery room, both surgeons visited me for a friendly chat as I enjoyed a cup of tea. My treatment was exemplary, I was received everywhere with great kindness and the speed with which my problem was dealt with was first class. Well done to the NHS: a first class example of the service.