Fat-headed plan for thin blue line

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From: Peter Hyde, Driffield.

RE your editorial “Police moving with the times” (Yorkshire Post, March 3). It would have been better entitled “Moving backwards with the times”.

Do our leaders learn nothing from history? They brought managers into the NHS who had little or no knowledge of medicine or how to treat patients. The result – a mishmash of treatments, cancelled operations, dissatisfied staff and closure of hospitals that had run efficiently for many years, all in the name of progress.

Bringing in superintendents who have had no experience of front-line policing is madness. They will never have faced a mob of drunks or dealt with a messy road traffic accident. Talk about lunatics running the asylum.

Small problem with big ideas

From: Canon Michael Storey, Healey Wood Road, Rastrick.

THERE once was a rugby team called Headingley, which then became Leeds and now wants to become “Yorkshire”.

What are now Bradford, Ripon (and Leeds) and Wakefield dioceses are to become “Leeds”.

I have never reckoned that “big” turned out to be “better”. I can’t speak for rugby union and I have still to be convinced that a new diocese of Leeds of some 2500 square miles can be more effective in extending God’s Kingdom.

Pubs must act to stand a chance

From: Allen Jenkinson, Lipscomb Street, Milnsbridge.

WITH the ever increasing pub closures, publicans should take a leaf out of the privatised energy and water companies’ books by imposing a standing charge.

This is where you levy a charge for something that your customers aren’t actually consuming – in this case, drinking – or for paying in cash, that’s another good one.

It’s all down to market forces – we have to remain competitive.