Father and son found thanks to phone glow

The glow of a mobile phone helped mountain rescuers find a father and son lost at night on Snowdonia.

The pair, aged 55 and 19, from near Llangefni in Anglesey, had left their torches in the car when they set out to climb up Idwal Slabs.

A spokesman for Ogwen Valley Mountain Rescue said they did not start their walk until around 3pm on Saturday but later could not find the path down and were forced to call for help.

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Eighteen Ogwen Valley Mountain Rescue team members helped to find the men.

A spokesman said: "We spotted them using night-vision glasses and we got them to shine their mobile phone around which helped us get above them and then get a rope down to them."

One team member was lowered to the two men and they were helped up to the path with the use of a safety rope.

The team climbed down with the men and then walked with them back to the road.

The spokesman said the men had attempted to climb Ordinary Route on the Idwal Slabs but started too late in the day.