Fathers more likely to make children do errands

Fathers are more likely than mothers to make their children “work” for their pocket money by setting them household chores, a study has suggested.

Parents living in Yorkshire, Scotland and the North East also tend to be more inclined towards encouraging their offspring to earn their spending money through housework, with around one in four people in these regions saying they did this, Halifax found.

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Across Britain, more than one-quarter (26 per cent) of fathers said they link their children’s pocket money to the errands they perform around the house, compared with just over one-fifth (22 per cent) of mothers who did this.

Women were more likely than men to base the amount of cash they hand out on being at a level which they feel will help their child understand the value of money, with 44 per cent of women saying this compared with 40 per cent of men.

Across Britain children have typically had a nine per cent pocket money rise this year, and now receive around £6.50 a week.