February 12 letters: Country Week columnist will be sadly missed

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From: Mrs A Watson, Victoria Street, Micklethwaite, Bingley.

I HAVE always very much enjoyed Sarah Todd’s Home and Country article every Saturday, one of the highlights of The Yorkshire Post’s very good Saturday edition.

Her serious farming observations and good humour of family life made for a pleasing read, sometimes making the Wolds Diary seem dull, recounting endless talks and choirs. I hope Sarah continues to contribute to The Yorkshire Post.

From: M Hellawell, Cross Lane, Scarborough.

I FULLY agree with Lydia Rosemary Scatcherd-Hill (The Yorkshire Post, February 5) about Sarah Todd’s column. It will be a big loss to my Saturday reading. I loved the family photos in the final one.

However, I don’t agree with the comments she made about Sue Woodcock’s column in Country Week. Sue does give a good description of the countryside where she walks her beloved dogs. I always read her column first.

I find her busy life very interesting, and always have, ever since she first moved to the Dales. I hope that one day I will actually get the chance to meet her.

Keep on with your column Sue, and all you do.