February 14 letters: Everyday obstacle course of daytime drivers

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From: Bill Marsh. Beadle Garth, Copmanthorpe, York.

I’VE retired, after spending most of my working life driving high annual mileages, mostly on motorways – but nothing has prepared me for local daytime driving. I was shocked to discover that it’s an alternative Universe, where people “drive” (I use the term loosely) around, in a world bereft of the normal rules of the road.

Young women all appear to be on high-speed pursuit courses. Paradoxically, the elderly, in terms of mph, don’t seem able to reach double figures (20 might be plenty but 11 would be heaven).

Pavements and paths are just an extension of the road and anyone can stop anywhere. Indicators are a matter of choice. Drivers wear caps, hats and gloves despite, I assume, having perfectly good heaters in their cars.

Half an hour spent in any supermarket car park is a complete eye-opener. Parking seems to be done by touch, not sight.

The bays are simply a general indicator of where vehicles can be abandoned and reversing is a black magic art, practised only by the very few.

Direction arrows on the tarmac, are there only to guide the trolley collectors.

I could go on but it’s lunchtime and I’ve got to go to Morrisons. Wish me luck...