February 3 Letters: It is anti-Semitic to lie about Israel’s recent actions in Gaza

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From: John M Collins, Alwoodley, Leeds.

From: John M Collins, Alwoodley, Leeds.

Paul Elmsley is right to say that British people as a whole are not anti-Semitic (The Yorkshire Post, January 23).

It is not anti-Semitic to criticise the decisions and acts of the Israeli government, just like any other government.

But it is anti-Semitic to level entirely false accusations against Israel, such as one would not dream of doing against any other democratic and civilised country.

His own letter illustrates this. He complains that Israel has a “right-wing government”. That is a matter of opinion.

I would have said that a coalition which included such fierce left-wingers as Tsivi Livni was far from right-wing, but he is entitled to his opinion.

But what follows is outrageous – “who carry out such policies as the genocide in Gaza”.

That is both untrue and anti-Semitism writ large, particularly at this time when we are remembering the genocide of six million Jews 
and millions of others in Europe.

Has Mr Elmsley forgotten that the recent conflict in Gaza was started by the Hamas government of Gaza by an indiscriminate bombardment of civilian areas of Israel, 
together with the construction of dozens of tunnels to invade Israel?

Or that all independent observers recognised the exceptional care that Israel took to avoid civilian casualties?

Or that hundreds of Gazans were treated in Israeli hospitals for war wounds and other life-threatening conditions?

Or that throughout the conflict Israel kept up a supply of food and medical supplies to Gaza?

Israel is now a world leader in technology. To expand on that she needs peace. She has repeatedly offered generous terms for peace.

But so long as Hamas or the other terrorist organisations threaten or carry out attempts to destroy Israel and murder its inhabitants, Israel will defend itself. As would we in the same position.