February 6: The good old days – but with a few exceptions

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From: Dick Appleyard, Saxilby, Near Lincoln.

RE your item under the heading “Old days might not have been good as we think” (The Yorkshire Post, January 21). Some of the things were better 50 years ago than they are today – but some of them were not.

On the plus side, 50 years ago we weren’t in the EU so we 
didn’t have them ruling us; we were doing very well in manufacturing and production industries, unlike today as 
many of them have gone 

There were lower crime rates; we had punishments fitting deliberate wrongdoings; there was no political correctness; there were no long waiting lists 
at hospitals and doctors’ surgeries and our traditions 
were adhered to strongly.

There are things that are better today than they were 
50 years ago. There were no health and safety laws in workplaces then; there were no laws on unfair dismissal so if a boss didn’t like a person they were sacked and there were 
no electrical trip switches 
which have improved electrical safety.

However, most of the things that have changed in the 
last 50 years have changed 
for the worse.

Sometimes changes are made for change’s sake and not to the better.