Feline foster mother in need of home

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A cat that fostered two orphan kittens is now in need of a home herself.

Yorkshire Cat Rescue in Haworth successfully introduced two kittens to a mother cat after she began pining when she heard them mewing.

Charity staff began hand feeding one-week-old kitten Peter after he was found with bite marks on his neck, next to his dead mother and sibling. Hattie had had all but one of her kittens brutally removed, leaving her mourning and pining for them.

Yorkshire Cat Rescue founder, Sara Atkinson, said: “When Hattie heard Peter’s mewling, she reacted instantly and so we decided to give the pair a go. With a little help from us, Peter was soon sucking happily from his new mum and she was instantly at ease again.

“She had a similar response to another orphan kitten that arrived soon after, and so she found herself with a sweet little trio of kittens to care for.”

The kittens have new homes, but Hattie is still at the centre.