Film stars signed up to city park opening

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URBAN gymnasts known as ‘freerunners’ have been signed up to impress crowds at the launch event for Bradford’s City Park.

Urban Freeflow was established in 2003 as the first professional freerunning group and its work has since featured in Hollywood blockbusters Casino Royale and District 13.

They will be among a range of attractions at Bradford Council’s showcase celebration of City Park on Saturday, March 24. Entry is free.

The new six-acre public space – which features a 40,000 square metre mirror pool and more than 100 fountains, including the tallest in any UK city at 30 metres – has been designed to attract visitors and businesses into Bradford city centre.

Urban Freeflow has a stable of more than 40 athletes based around the world who are experts in the breathtaking vaulting, rolling, running, climbing and jumping that makes up freerunning, also known as parkour.

As well as contributing to well-known films, Urban Freeflow has also performed in front of audiences of more than 750,000 people at the Thames Festival in London and been hired by major brands like Ford and Coca Cola.

Other attractions at the launch event include music acts, street theatre artists, a water-themed performance, fountain displays and the night-time grand finale.

Urban Freeflow founder Ez said: “Having seen pictures of City Park it looks like somewhere we’ll really enjoy exploring. We’re looking forward to taking part in the launch event and people should expect some memorable action.”

Councillor David Green, of Bradford Council, said: “We’re delighted to have signed up one of the highest profile free running and parkour groups in the world for the launch of City Park.

“For anyone unfamiliar with free running, some of the skills and athleticism involved need to be seen to be promises to be a terrific day.”