Final scores for veteran TV man who doesn’t even know the rules

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Tim Gudgin, who today retires from reading the football scores, has said he does not even understand all the rules of the game.

The veteran broadcaster, whose voice is familiar to millions, will read out his last football result on BBC2’s Final Score this afternoon.

Known for his distinctive rising and falling intonation, he is hanging up his microphone after more than 60 years of broadcasting – the week before his 82nd birthday.

But football has not always been his favourite sport and he was never a tribal follower.

“I’ve supported various teams depending on where I’ve been living,” he said. “It was always the team that was nearest to me.”

This habit of switching allegiance has seen him turn from a Liverpool supporter into a Manchester United fan, while Crystal Palace is close to his heart as well.

“My main interests used to be rugby, cricket, golf and tennis,” he said. “At school I didn’t have the chance to play football. I don’t even understand all the rules – although I just about understand the offside rule.”

A father of six and grandfather of seven, his retirement is already shaping up to be busy. The first few months will be spent in Australia, where his oldest granddaughter is getting married in December.

On his return, he plans to put his famous voice to good use again by reading a talking newspaper for the blind and doing a jazz programme on his local community radio station in the Hampshire village of Emsworth.

He has made “no major mistakes” during his long career, and says he has few regrets.

“I think I am looking forward to being retired. My only regret about my career is that it’s ending,” he added.