Fine dining or just inhumane animal cruelty?

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From: Trisha Scott, West Park Terrace, Scarborough.

I WAS interested to read Amanda Wragg’s review of The Cona restaurant (The Yorkshire Post Magazine, July 12), and would like, if I may, to add some comments of my own.

Firstly, I will point out that I am not a vegetarian, but I do believe that any animal killed for our consumption should have as stress-free and humane an end as possible. I also accept there are cruel practices in several British slaughterhouses, which are to be abhorred. However, as Ms Wragg choose to highlight halal slaughtered meat as “fine-dining”, then my comments will refer to this method of killing only. I would ask whether she has ever seen any footage of animals being slaughtered using the halal method? I have. And what I saw made me feel sick to the stomach.

From: Aled Jones, Bridlington.

I CAN’T believe that various beauty brands have turned their backs on their anti-cruelty policies and have started 
animal research in order 
to make massive profits 
in China, a country where 
it’s compulsory for products 
to be “safety-tested” on live animals.

What a disgraceful lack of consistency, and hypocrisy of 
the worst kind.