Firefighters ‘go beyond call of duty’

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Firefighters went “beyond the call of duty” when they helped a vulnerable Sheffield man.

Central Blue watch firefighters attended a flat on Edgedale Road, Sheffield after neighbours expressed concern for the man’s safety. After checking on his wellbeing, the firefighters identified a number of issues which were likely to put him at a greater risk of fire.

They returned the next day with a full roast dinner, cleared away 15 bags of rubbish which had accumulated in the man’s house and carried out a full home safety check, including the fitting of three free smoke alarms.

South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service’s group manager Tony Carlin, said: “On this occasion, firefighters not only put in place meaningful interventions to make this man safer, they actually assisted him in ways which went above and beyond the call of duty. That’s testament to the fantastic skills and dedication of all our staff.”