Firefighters rescue dog who got his head stuck in a pool table

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A DOG had to be rescued by fire crews - after getting its head stuck in a pool table at a Sheffield pub.

Firefighters from Sheffield Central station were called to The White Hart pub in Netherthorpe at 12.45am this morning to help the = springer spaniel.

They spent around half an hour dissassembling the pool table to free the dog, which they believe became stuck as it was underneath the table and lifted its head into a hole used to access pool balls.

The dog had no injuries.

Speaking to the Sheffield Star, Jim Moll, watch manager at Sheffield Central: “It had put its head up underneath the table, into a hole to access the inside of the table and it had managed to get its head stuck.

“We had to totally disassemble the table to get the dog out.It was a bit of a strange one for us.

“Animals do get themselves in strange places but this was paticularly unusual.”