Firms held back by poor broadband

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Firms are being held back by poor broadband links, with some looking to move their business elsewhere because of connection problems.

Some areas are said to be “plagued” by low-quality networks, making it difficult to even send emails to clients or customers. The issue is preventing some firms from making business deals in this country and abroad.

The British Chambers of Commerce said all businesses in the UK should be able to take for granted access to high quality broadband. The business group said Doncaster was one area with poor digital connections, which was an “embarrassment” for companies. Mathew Lynds, managing director at property management company Rejus, said: “It makes things very difficult when trying to trade internationally.”

Nick Joels, a director at garden furniture firm Innovators International in Hertfordshire, said he is looking to move his business elsewhere because broadband is so bad in his area.