FISHERMAN’S FRIEND: Pensioner buys 12ft steel sculpture for coastal community

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HE stands staring out to sea – a symbol of the decline of the fishing industry on the Yorkshire coast and one woman’s wish to give something back to the community she loves.

The 12ft steel sculpture entitled “A High Tide in Short Wellies”, has been made a permanent fixture in Filey after local philanthropist Maureen Robinson offered to buy it for the town. It is Mrs Robinson’s second donation in a matter of months, after she bought a giant artwork entitled “Freddie Gilroy and the Belsen Stragglers”, by the same sculptor Ray Lonsdale, which has quickly become an iconic landmark in the North Bay of Scarborough.

Mrs Robinson, of Scarborough, said her long term love of Filey was the reason behind the purchase. The sculpture, which is inscribed on its base with a poem marking the decline of the fishing industry, is also dedicated to her husband Michael who turns 76 next month.

“When you’ve achieved three score years and ten, I feel its time to give something back to the local community,” Mrs Robinson said.

“We have no family, therefore a sculpture project for future generations and visitors from far and wide to enjoy seemed a dream come true.”

Scarborough Borough Council culture officer, Rowena Marsden, said: “This is another wonderful gesture by Mrs Robinson. A High Tide in Short Wellies will be a great asset for Filey and will be enjoyed by the residents and visitors to the town for many years to come.”