Fit for work but too old to drive

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From: Monika Close, Hallcliffe Crescent, Horbury, Wakefield.

According to a survey (Yorkshire Post, November 28), people at 60 years of age and above could be considered “too old” to drive.

Try telling that to all those people who have to work until 68 or even 70, before they can retire!

It is also significant that this opinion has been voiced by people between 16 and 24 years of age – perhaps a sign that they consider more mature and sensible drivers a hindrance on the road, cramping their irresponsible driving style?

Young people set an example

From: Terry Duncan, Greame Road, Bridlington.

THE other day, I was driving through Bridlington and spotted a group of young people washing cars. Having seen, in the past, a large number of vehicles using the enterprising young folk doing the washing by hand, I decided to have a go.

For a fiver they did a tremendous job and when it came to pay time I asked were they local. In fact all of the team of washers, young men and women, in St Johns Street, Bridlington, were from Hungary. Is that not a lesson to youngsters in this country to get off their backsides and create work?


From: Michelle Catherall, Fylingthorpe, Whitby.

I HAD the pleasure of going to Leeds Grand Theatre to see the matinee performance of We Will Rock You on Wednesday last week which was fantastic.

Sitting in front of me were two rows of schoolchildren who enjoyed the show immensely. I have never seen a better behaved group of kids. They were an absolute credit to their teachers. I would love to know which school they were from. There were 25 children with two supervisors and they were seated in the Upper Circle. Congratulations to their school!