Fitness routine provides me with perfect balance

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I’ve been in the hospitality industry for more than 20 years and I’ve always found that this style of business requires you to retain a level of fitness.

It would be too easy to slip into bad habits with such easy access to food and drink.

Keeping fit is certainly a passion of mine, and I’ve come to realise that if it’s a chore, then it won’t last. CrossFit includes a fantastic mix of exercise disciplines; it’s about constantly varied functional movements performed at relatively high intensity, including skills such as gymnastics and weightlifting.

It’s the perfect balance of improving strength, general fitness and learning new skills. I really enjoy it and it has become quite addictive. I train about five times a week and work on developing strength, fitness and new skills.

I’ve been going to CrossFit Leeds for over two years and seen it grow significantly. The coaches are superb and create a great training environment and really care about developing all their members.

I’ve entered quite a few CrossFit competitions over the years and I’m captain of the Leeds Masters team, which is for the over 40s. I played rugby at quite a good level and CrossFit has filled that gap in my life since I retired many years ago with a creaking body.

I’ve enjoyed it so much that last year I completed my CrossFit Level 1 coaching course which means that I can become a CrossFit trainer and pass on my knowledge to help others. This is something I may pursue in the future if time allows. It’s also an opportunity for me to take some time out in which I can either sort out any complex business issues in my head, or just take that time to relax.

I’ve also met some great people through CrossFit whose general philosophies on life and business match my own and some of my key staff are now CrossFitters.

We’ve also enjoyed input from the CrossFit team on creating good food that fits with their ethos of eating well. The CrossFit burger is one of our best sellers and one my personal favourites.

CrossFit is very challenging and competitive but I know it suits me and gives me some great focus in my hectic life. Who would have thought at 43 I’d be trying to learn to walk on my hands?