Five cats die in Thirsk of suspected anti-freeze poisoning

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Cat owners in the Thirsk area to be vigilant after five cats died of suspected anti-freeze poisoning.

North Yorkshire Police are jointly investigating the five incidents with the RSPCA, and have also issued advice to pet owners following the incidents, which all took place on the Hambleton estate in the town.

PC Clare Mayes, North Yorkshire Police wildlife crime officer for the Thirsk area, said: “There is a possibility that anti-freeze poisoning was involved in these incidents.

“Anti-freeze poisoning is usually associated with pets licking anti-freeze drips or spills off the ground. For a cat, as little as a teaspoon can prove fatal.

“I want people to understand the dangers and the effect that anti-freeze can have on cats, and check their garages and sheds for any leaking containers or dirty rags. Such items should be disposed of in such a way that a cat cannot get to them. Any spills or drips should be cleaned up immediately, and any leaks in your car should be repaired.

“If your cat appears to be lethargic or unsteady on their feet, you need to seek urgent veterinary assistance,” she added.

Anyone who has any information about how the cats may have been poisoned is asked to contact North Yorkshire Police on 101.