Five quotes that may have landed Michael Dugher in hot water

Michael Dugher, Barnsley East MP
Michael Dugher, Barnsley East MP
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Labour MP Michael Dugher’s sacking from the shadow front bench was down to a handful of interviews that apparently went down like a lead balloon with Jeremy Corbyn.

1) On Stop the War group: In an interview with The House magazine, Michael Dugher said many of the group’s activists thought “the wrong people won the Cold War.”

2) On previous Labour Party reluctance for large shadow cabinet reshuffles: “They do try and hold the party together, they do recognise that the Labour party is a broad church, not a religious cult, that you need people of different backgrounds and try and get the best possible talents … Ultimately [the makeup of the shadow cabinet] will be a decision for Jeremy.”

3) On Momentum: “To be honest, we’ve got too much on . . . The idea that we’ve got a spare ten minutes to be setting up factions within the Labour Party, rather than getting after the Tories and getting back in touch with the public: crazy.”

4) Criticising media briefings that Labour would embark on a ‘revenge reshuffle’ over the Syria vote: “The sad thing for Labour is that stories like the “revenge reshuffle” – about who might hear the words (Alan Sugar-style) “you’re fired” – tend to drown out our attacks on the Conservative government, or they can overshadow announcements about the positive things Labour would do differently in government.”

5) “Revenge is not very Jedi. It’s also not very new politics.”