Five things we learned from Miliband’s Sheffield Q&A

Ed Miliband
Ed Miliband
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Here are five things we learned from Ed Miliband’s Q&A with students at Sheffield Hallam University today

1) He won’t banning the popular Snapchat app despite it being linked to terrorism

2) He does not want to revisit voting reform - something that could prove important in future LibDem-Labour coalition talks

3) Miliband was serious when he said he wanted to have hundreds of conversations in this election - he took dozens of questions for more than an hour and despite being asympathetic audience not all of them were under arm deliveries.

4) Labour is not going to set out its ‘red lines’ for coalition discussions.

5) Miliband desperate to avoid being the next Nick Clegg and being unable to deliver in office what he promises in the campaign.