Five things you need to know in Yorkshire today

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1. Worries of Brexit gloom lift in global forecast

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Fears that britain would plunge into recession in the wake of the vote to leave the European Union have receded although business leaders have warned a gulf in productivity and skills remains between most UK cities and their European rivals. The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development has raised its growth forecast for the british economy, months after warning the UK would be hit by an immediate shock following the vote. But the majority of UK cities are lagging behind European competitors for skills and productivity. Growth next year would still be “well below” forecasts, it said, warning that a future trading arrangement with the EU and other countries will be “critical” to the country’s economic prospects.

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Experts rein back on forecasts of post-Brexit gloom

2. Campaigners demand access to cheap breast cancer treatment

Thousands of women with postmenopausal breast cancer are missing out on 43p-a-day drugs that could prevent their disease spreading. The drugs alter bone tissue, making it harder for cancer cells to survive there, and are already used for patients with advanced prostate cancer. They have been hailed to having the potential to prevent around one in 10 breast cancer deaths, and could save the NHS millions of pounds every year. Breast Cancer Now calculates that around 27,000 women every year are missing out on bisphosphonates, with the main reason cited being a lack of clear guidance on who should fund them.

3. Lost worlds of Yorkshire’s seaside

Left in a loft and forgotten for generations, a set of recently rediscovered images are a window to a lost world of decadence and deprivation on the Yorkshire coast. Three dozen glass lantern slides, taken just as Victorian Britain gave way to elegance of the Edwardian era, paint perhaps the most vivid picture yet of turn-of-the-century life in Scarborough. The pictures ar the work of one William Nowell, whose day job was managing the Great Northern Steamship Fishing Company in Hull. He embarked on a trip up the coast apparently to document social injustice among Scarborough’s have and have-nots.

4. City aims to build on culture year

An ambitious 10-year strategy to transform Hull has been revealed ahead of its UK city of Culture tenure. Hull’s City Council’s cultural strategy is launched today and outlines a series of funding and heritage bids for the city. The plan includes a bid to make Hull’s Old Town area an official UNESCO World Heritage site. Hull was chosen as UK’s city of Culture for 2017 three years ago, and the status is expected to boost the economy by £60m next year alone.

5. Despair of young as anxieties hit mental wellbeing

A toxic blend of stress and anxiety is leaving the next generation of workers struggling with mental health as well as financial and work problems. Huge numbers say they are worn out, lack self-confidence, and are worried about the future. One study of 4,000 people aged between 18 and 30 revealed that women are worst affected as they are particularly hit by workplace discrimination. And a separate report has shown a majority of university students experience low well-being, that depression and loneliness affect one-in-three students and that the number of student suicides has risen.