Focus resources on the NHS

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From: Peter Hyde, Driffield.

READING Dr Nick Summerton’s article (Yorkshire Post, December 16), I am convinced that David Cameron is talking rubbish when he says the Government will tackle dementia.

Unless resources are pumped into the NHS instead of being spent in foreign aid, we shall all suffer from both dementia problems and other debilitating illnesses for the foreseeable future.

As a man in his 80s with a slightly younger wife, memory problems manifest themselves now and then.

Although we consider ourselves more fortunate than many others we know, it must be a worry to many other families who have to deal with aged parents, and some not so old, who are losing their faculties.

Get real, David Cameron, and start thinking of those who elected you instead of boasting how you saved the world.

Shame on M&S for energy link

From: Mrs J Haley, Cleckheaton.

WE were very disappointed with M&S Energy which transpired to be SSE electricity who were subsequently fined a huge sum for mis-selling.

We believed that M&S (Yorkshire Post, December 14) was a company who could be trusted to offer honest products prior to this occurrence and we are very surprised that M&S allowed its name to be used on this venture – hopefully it’s not a sign of them selling anything that makes a profit, regardless of the customer’s interests?