Fond thanks to friendly rival

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From: Chris Shaw, St Helen’s Gate, Almondbury, Huddersfield.

I AM writing to thank my friend Tom Gomersall for his very kind words about my family and in particular about my brother Michael in his letter (Yorkshire Post, July 22).

Tom writes that he does not know which of his old friends in the company still survive. Two members of the family who were engaged in Ben Shaws are still alive, Robert, Michael’s son, and me.

The family sold the business in 1993 and the brand name now belongs to Cott Beverages Ltd, who still use one of Ben Shaw’s old factories in Pontefract. Cott are actively involved in promoting a range drinks under the Ben Shaw’s brand.

I well remember Tom as a very effective chairman of the trade association, a role in which I followed him, and as a respected but friendly competitor.

Olympics could tip us over edge

From: Roger M Dobson, Ash Street, Cross Hills, near Keighley.

SO the London Olympics 2012 are but 12 months away.

Did Tony Blair, the then Prime Minister who backed our application to the hilt, ever think of asking what the final cost would be to Great Britain?

I doubt it, because the forthcoming Olympics are Mr Blair’s final large folly which, had he remained in power, would have been his final glory.

Still being a nation very near to complete bankruptcy these Games could finally tip us over the edge.

Fair charge for new tunnel

From: Stuart Foster, Barrow Lane, Hessle.

I NOTE with interest that the Hindhead Tunnel has just opened, which I am sure will be a boon to the people of Surrey.

At £371m, the cost is remarkably similar to the amount outstanding on the Humber Bridge.

I have not heard any mention of a toll charge for use of this new facility, but if there is to be one, could I suggest that £3 each way would seem fair?