Fossil hunter, 20, planning lecture series to throw light on the past...

Fossil hunters are usually represented as dusty old gentlemen, but a 20-year-old from Doncaster is aiming to drag the past into the present with a series of talks.

Dean Lomax left school after his A-levels and immediately immersed himself in the world of the fossil hunter, and has now travelled the globe to help dig for dinosaur bones.

He has worked on projects in Wyoming and Montana in the USA and has also assisted world-renowned palaeontologists in Germany and France over the last two years.

An exhibition of the fossils found in the collections at Doncaster Museum is also the work of Mr Lomax and he is currently working on a grant bid for further study of the town's specimens.

To share his enthusiasm, he has organised six events including a trip to Whitby's fossil-rich Runswick Bay in June and July and hopes to encourage others to follow his lead.

He said: "I have now made contacts around the world and have worked with some of the most amazing examples of fossils, including the huge collection in Doncaster which nobody knew about."

For more details about the talks, call 01302 734289 or contact Mr Lomax through his website, www.palaeocritti.com