Fox-death thugs should be jailed

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From: Mrs M Crofts, Crigglestone, Wakefield.

WITH reference to the article about the fox which was stamped to death (Yorkshire Post, April 9), thank goodness for closed-circuit TV which showed these three drunken thugs.

This case may never have come to court otherwise. The report of the fox being subjected to repeated acts of cruelty, which ended in death, made me feel sick.

All three attackers were subjected to 20 weeks jail which was good, yet not much of a punishment when the sentence is suspended for a year.

Any animal, wild or domestic, being treated in this way is sickening. Instant jail would have sent out a stronger message to would-be thugs. The adage “when drink is in – wits are out” comes to mind.

Pension cash

From: Max Nottingham, St Faiths Street, Lincoln.

A REPORT said eight out of 10 pensioners don’t claim what they are entitled to.

The reasons are said to be that the forms are too complicated for them to understand or fill in; they think the Government might ask too many personal questions and lastly, that claiming has a bad image.

The above refers to pensioners who can’t afford to keep warm in the winter (what a disgusting state of affairs).

The Government should stop playing hard to get with old people’s money (Vince Cable should get on the case).

Passport control

From: Mike Smith, Birkby, Huddersfield.

My wife and I (born and bred British citizens) have booked a coach and ferry tour to the North of Scotland and the Isles.

The tour operator has sent a form requesting all our passport details, telling us that it is a legal requirement.

Have I missed something to do with the Border Control Agency, Scottish devolution or is it another piece of Euro tomfoolery?