Fox points out difficulties of Cabinet role

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Cabinet Ministers spend too little time thinking about policy areas outside their own Whitehall department, says former Defence Secretary Liam Fox.

Dr Fox, who was forced to resign over his links with his best man and self-styled adviser Adam Werritty, said the three months since he quit had taught him a lesson about being too “pigeon-holed”.

The Tory MP, who has expressed a desire to return to frontbench politics, said: “I have realised how incredibly pigeon-holed you can become in departmental politics and recognised the scale of what’s going on outside to a level that is quite hard to do when you are focusing on a Cabinet job.

“It is very easy, when for example you are in the MoD trying to deal with an inherited massive overspend, not to realise the changes going on in health policy or education policy.”

To be able to see things in their wider perspective was an instructive lesson, said Dr Fox, who blamed his departure on a hate-filled media frenzy.