Free work bringing down rate of burglary

A Free security assessment is available to home owners and landlords across West Yorkshire and police say it will prevent many more burglaries if more people take it up.

This scheme is run in partnership with West Yorkshire Police and is carried out by Community Action And Support Against Crime (CASAC). In certain cases, CASAC also installs security devices in the home free of charge.

Neil Goldup, the chief executive of CASAC, explained: “We offer a free, no-obligation inspection service and can carry out the work too. But the money we make on the work means we will reinvest it by carrying out the necessary security work on homes for people who cannot afford it, such as the elderly.

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“In addition, we will make the homes secure of those people in a street highlighted by police of being at significant risk of burglary when they do not have contents insurance or they satisfy other criteria for the work to be done.”

Chief Superintendent Ian Whitehouse, who is the lead officer in Leeds on burglary, said: “CASAC continues to provide an absolutely invaluable service that helps people to protect their homes from criminals and reduces the fear of crime in our communities.

“Their work has played a vital role in our ongoing efforts to drive down the level of burglary across the district.

“This new scheme that sees some of the most vulnerable getting CASAC’s help for free will reduce the number of properties that are easy targets for burglars and help us to cut crime even further.”

“We are delighted with the initial take up so far,” said Neil Goldup of CASAC “But we can do more.

“While the dark nights linger on – it is sensible for home owners and landlords to get an expert check on how secure their properties are. CASAC engineers are happy to carry this out.”

Anyone who wants a security check for their home should phone CASAC on 0845 519 2122.