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THE advent of Parliamentary E-petitions is certainly forcing MPs to focus on the issues that matter outsider the Westminster bubble – the Hillsborough tragedy, Europe and now fuel prices after sufficient voters triggered a House of Commons debate on the latter.

That there are isparities between the amount that motorists pay in taxes, and the amount that the Government spends on roads, is not new – the difference is the gap has become more pronounced.

That said, the record prices – a combination of domestic taxes and global factors affecting the oil industry – is further squeezing household budgets. And this is before next year’s scheduled fuel duty increases are factored into the equation which could add an eyewatering seven pence to the price paid for every litre of petrol.

With North Yorkshire MP Anne Mcintosh stepping up her campaign for further discounts for hard-hit motorsts in rural areas, Chancellor George Osborne is going to have to address this issue in his Autumn statement. After all, he advocated lower fuel duty when in opposition.