Full picture of work by cemetery volunteers

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From: Ann Lightman, Wharfe Close, Adel, Leeds.

I WAS so pleased to read the letter from Mr Giddings (The Yorkshire Post, May 12) accompanied by a picture of the Columbarium with the caption “Praise Due: Lawnswood Cemetery in Leeds is being transformed by a group of volunteers”. This building was on the Civic Trust’s list of “buildings at risk” but was removed after work to the roof and rainwater drainage system. New monuments now line the re-surfaced approach.

I’d like to add four of the specific tasks the Friends of Lawnswood Cemetery (FoLC) have tackled since formation:

neatening path edges – in 
some places as much as 18in of turf was removed and drains uncovered.

older graves have been “discovered”, tidied up and, in the Victorian section, chippings (funded by the Friends) used to finish off the work.

benches have been cleaned, preserved and re-instated.

overgrown shrubs have been trimmed and saplings removed.

The Friends have tried to raise the profile of the cemetery encouraging corporate work parties to assisted. The FoLC Facebook page illustrates the work that has been achieved. It is hoped that this treasure of Leeds history and naturalists’ haven will be more widely appreciated.