Funding available to victims of tidal surge

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Residents affected by the winter’s tidal surges can now apply for grants to protect their homes from future flooding.

People whose homes and businesses were flooded between December and March can now apply for a government grant of up to £5,000 through their local authority, regardless of where they live.

Previously they had only been available to southern communities.

The purpose of the grant is to help people with the cost of buying and installing new measures to reduce the chances of flooding in the first place, or limit the damage should they be flooded in the future.

Environment Minister Dan Rogerson said: “My sympathy is with everyone who was affected by the floods this winter.

“We are working hard to help people rebuild their lives, get back on their feet after the flooding and build a more resilient country for the future.

“I would urge anyone who was flooded to apply for a grant to become more flood resilient. This support, coupled with the Government’s record investment in flood defences, will ensure we are better protected from the risk of flooding in the future.”

The Government has faced criticism over its response to the winter floods but insisted it is spending £2.4bn on tackling flooding and coastal erosion in this four-year period – more than ever before.

The grant is also open to collaborative applications.

In the Thames Valley, the Environment Agency and the Local Authority are working with residents to “pool” their funding for more extensive resilience measures protecting the wider community an not just their own homes.