Fundraisers rally to help cancer toddler

A fundraising campaign is being stepped up on behalf of Knaresborough toddler Sadie Rose Clifford who suffered a relapse just as she was due to start pioneering treatment in the USA.

The two-year-old was diagnosed with the aggressive childhood cancer, neuroblastoma, in October 2010, and after lengthy treatment in the UK, supporters raised hundreds of thousands to send her to a hospital in New York for specialist treatment which is unavailable this country.

But when she reached America, it emerged she had suffered a relapse and was not well enough to start the trial. Sadie received urgent treatment there to stabilise the cancer and returned home and will shortly begin further chemotherapy in the UK.

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Yesterday, her mother Katie, said the family now hope to raise further funds in the hope she will get well enough to be able to join a new clinical trial abroad.

“The trip and treatment made a big hole in the funds raised to date, which is why we’re asking all those who supported Sadie so amazingly before to carry on raising funds for our darling daughter.

“The last three months have been incredibly difficult, but Sadie has managed to remain cheerful - she is such a brave and happy little girl.”