Galloway in call for Odeon action

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Newly-elected Bradford MP George Galloway has called for an urgent meeting with Bradford Council and developers over the fate of the city’s Odeon building .

Mr Galloway, who was victorious in the Bradford West by-election last month and will be sworn in as an MP today, is also pushing for a meeting with the Prime Minister about the ongoing row.

The outspoken MP, who today claimed in an interview he was the “Robin Hood of politics”, said he wants answers to find out if the building can be saved and the cost of doing so if feasible.

“The original development agreement and the planning permission were granted to a company which has gone bust. How can these be transferred and, apparently, be legally binding when another company takes over, even if it is a parent company?”

In an interview with the Big Issue street newspaper, Mr Galloway today compares himself to the folklore outlaw and said he was the “most inquired-into individual in British politics”.

“If I was a bigamist, I’d be under arrest. If I was a tax dodger, I’d be under arrest. I’m the most inquired-into individual in British politics. By a country mile.

“If I did things wrong, be sure I’d be already in big trouble.

“We have a prevailing orthodoxy: there’s a few inches of political life in which it’s acceptable to have a different view but if you challenge the fundamentals of policy, you’re an outlaw. You’re Robin Hood.”