Gambling ruins lives...

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From: Brian Sheridan, Redmires Road, Sheffield.

HOW I agree with N Bywater who laments the relaxing of our gambling laws (Yorkshire Post, November 1).

I would like to see a ban on betting agencies’ advertising.

The excellent sports coverage now available on commercial 
TV is marred only by the likes 
of the ubiquitous Ray whatsisname out of some 
soap or other shouting the 
odds at every break. Or the 
manic old Italian, ecstatic at a successful venture into spot-betting.

Smoking kills and tobacco advertising is banned. Gambling may not kill but it can ruin lives and destroy families.

Guys and dolls

From: Margaret Bonser, West Cowick, Goole.

I READ Peter Hyde’s letter regarding people being called “guys”. I have recently been in two restaurants where the 
young waiter has greeted my husband and I with “Hi guys, table for two?” I replied: “I am not a guy.”

After the ash...

From: David Warnes, Maple Walk, Brandesburton, Driffield.

IT is rumoured that as each 
ash tree dies it is replaced by a wind turbine.

I did not believe this until a brief tour of the East Riding led me to think that this just might indeed be true.

Arms sales

From: Rhys Thomas, Richmond, North Yorkshire.

IF David Cameron is a man of peace, why is he trying to sell arms to the Middle East – the most dangerous and volatile region in the world?