Gas leak still causing road closures in Leeds as engineers work on fix

One road affected by a major gas leak in Leeds has now reopened, while another is still being worked on by engineers.

The gas leak in Armley

A gushing gas leak 'loud as a plane' was first reported in Leeds on Friday and engineers worked on the issue through the weekend.

-> Gushing gas leak 'loud as a plane' causes road closure and disruption in LeedsDamage to gas mains on Armley Ridge Road, led to reports of a smell of gas and leaks in the area. Engineers were on site immediately and began repairing the pipes.

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A no-smoking zone was put in place on Friday in response to the leak.

The gas leak in Armley

That leak, in Armley, is now fixed.

A secondary leak also erupted in the Hawkswood area, and work on this leak is still ongoing.

-> No smoking zone in place as gushing gas leak closes roadA spokesman said: "Work is ongoing on a secondary leak caused by a damaged main in the Hawkswood area of Leeds.

"The road closure at the junction of Hawkswood View and Hawkswood Avenue along Lea Farm Road will remain in place while work continues to repair the main and then reinstate the road to a usable condition."

Gareth Mills, On-site Customer Support Manager, said: “Our teams have been working tirelessly on the repairs and will be working round the clock tonight on this complex operation.

“We’d like to remind those traveling on the roads that the closure along Lea Farm Road will remain in place and ask them to consider an alternative route.

“We continue to make good progress and thank customers for their ongoing cooperation and patience.”

The spokesman added: "Engineers began repairing a medium pressure gas main damaged by a third party on August 10 in Armley, Leeds.

"Additional teams were brought in over the weekend after an issue with a medium pressure gas main in the area of Lea Mount Farm.

"Customers are able to use their gas supply as normal."

To report a gas emergency please call the National Gas Emergency Service on 0800 111 999.