Germany leads way on young

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From: David Quarrie, Lynden Way, Holgate, York.

Youth unemployment within the 28 members of the European Union is worryingly high and here in Britain it is almost 25 per cent.

By far the best and healthiest situation is to be found in Germany, where the figure is only five per cent.

Amazingly, Germany has offered to pay the travelling expenses and the costs of learning the German language, to promising youngsters from within the EU, so they can take up good jobs in Germany, and Europe will not lose these potentially bright young men and women to other continents.

This is yet another fine 
example of Germany leading and spending her money and resources wisely.

Sweatshops shame firms

From: Peter Hyde, Driffield.

We used to have a vibrant clothing industry in this country but now most of the clothes we buy in such stores as Marks & Spencer are made in the Far East.

Clearly this movement of factories was done in the name of profit.

While it meant that the makers of underpants and bras were made redundant, other workers abroad benefited.

Unfortunately the conditions in which many of those poor souls work can only be described as sweatshops employing slave labour.

Yet while bringing manufacturing back to Britain would mean starvation to many, at least the companies should make every effort to ensure the workers benefit from their work and not just the profiteering factory owners.

Obama irony

From: J Smith, Belmont Villas, Askern, Doncaster.

After promising and failing to close Guantanamo Bay concentration camp in Cuba I wonder if President Obama can see the irony of the words he wrote in the visitors’ book at Robben Island (Yorkshire Post, July 1).