Girl's boyfriend jailed over 'dreadful' injury

A MAN who kicked his girlfriend in the face, breaking her jaw in two places, has been jailed for four years after a judge said he had inflicted a "dreadful" injury.

Julian Sealey, 25 of Levens Garth, Leeds, was found guilty by a jury after a trial at Leeds Crown Court of causing grievous bodily harm with intent to Kelly Twist in August, 2009 after a row outside a pub.

He had admitted grievous bodily harm but denied intending to hurt her.

Sentencing him yesterday Judge Scott Wolstenholme said: "You had a fall-out with your girlfriend with whom you had been living for some time. When you met up with her in the car park you hoped to persuade her to return to you."

"She made it clear that wasn't going to happen.

"You lost your temper but in losing your temper you acted quite deliberately in inflicting a dreadful injury.

"You stepped back and delivered a kick to her jaw."

The judge said at the time Sealey accepted he weighed about 13 or 14 stone.

"This was a kick in the face which felled her to the ground breaking her jaw in two places."

Judge Wolstenholme said she may have forgiven him and maintained they were in love but it appeared he had a problem with his temper and ordered that he attend a domestic abuse programme while on licence after his sentence.

He said the position was aggravated by the fact that when he was 17 Sealey admitted breaking another man's jaw when provoked during a football game.

Graham Parkin for Sealey said he had reacted on that occasion when racially abused during a violent game which was reflected in the referral order then imposed on him.

He said in the current case Sealey's girlfriend had not wanted him to be prosecuted.

Judge Wolstenholme: Sent defendant on a domestic abuse programme to curb his temper.