Give Britain a vote on EU exit

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From: Edwin Bateman, South Dyke, Great Salkeld, Penrith.

THE Government’s painful austerity cuts to defence, police and local government funding in order to correct the deficit by saving £81bn over four years represent less than one sixth of what could be saved by exit from the EU – £130bn a year, according to the Taxpayers’ Alliance.

It is unlikely that Cameron, Clegg and Osborne are financially illiterate; has someone put the £130bn on the wrong side of the ledger?

More likely, the reason is that, with Clegg being very pro-EU, Cameron cannot allow a vote to exit the EU because, without Clegg, Cameron does not have a government.

To save England, his Government and his popularity, Cameron should now instigate a vote on EU exit on May 5.

He would then become more popular with the British electorate.

Let’s frolic on Letwin’s lawns

From: ME Wright, Grove Road, Harrogate.

I IMAGINE Jayne Dowle spoke for most of us in her comments on Oliver Letwin’s characteristically outrageous Sheffield remarks (Yorkshire Post, April 7).

Rather than the cheap flights which trouble him, I have in mind arranging coach trips from Sheffield and the rest of the alien North to London, which will enable us all to frolic on the Letwin lawns.

A big society with big prices

From: Michael Stephen Mycroft, Wilton, Pickering, North Yorkshire.

HERE we go again: “Yorkshire university to charge maximum fees” (Yorkshire Post, April 12). This, together with the banks, oil companies and supermarkets who exploit their positions and charge what they like.

Is this what David Cameron means by the big society or is it just the old Brown-Blair spin under another disguise?