Give parents more credit

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From: Robert Suret, The Croft, Molescroft, Beverley.

SHEENA Hastings is absolutely right (Yorkshire Post, October 19). Present-day parents are much better than they are given credit for. There have always been, and always will be, some bad parents, but tarring all parents with the same brush is not helpful.

Bringing up children to be good citizens is never easy, but this task has not been made any easier by the curtailing of parents rights and authority, by a combination of legislation, education and media pressure, over the past 30 years.

It is much more convenient for those responsible to now blame the parents for any shortcomings.

Conserving Tory values

From: KG Bowers, Sunnyfield Avenue, Morecambe.

I AGREE with David Quarrie of York (Yorkshire Post, October 17) that “David Cameron is not a true Tory”.

Conservatives have traditionally “conserved” our heritage and all that is good in it. While in office until 1997 the Tories upheld Section 28 which protected children being taught to question their sexuality. Once the family unit has been broken down, society is in big trouble. May genuine Conservatives reclaim their position.

Opik’s day

From: Ron Farley, Croftway, Camblesforth, Nr Selby.

I REFER to your article (Yorkshire Post, October 19) headed “Leaders’ looks may be a feature of success”. It stated that Churchill’s “lopsided” features may have helped him lead Britain to victory against Hitler, and that people lacking body symmetry made the most effective leaders.

The finding that the most successful leaders in politics and business could be those born with irregular features, makes me wonder if the ex-MP Lembit Opik may yet have his day?

Charging issue

From: B Murray, Halifax Road, Grenoside, Sheffield.

IF councils made dumpit sites easier to use and charged less exorbitant prices, then perhaps many people would not go fly-tipping.