Glorious day for those who like killing animals

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From: Margaret Harrison, Crew, Cheshire.

In RESPONSE to the article “Glorious time of year in Yorkshire “ (Yorkshire Post, August 12), make no mistake this is only a glorious time for a few. It is only a glorious time for those who enjoy a sport that requires killing.

There are many people on this planet who hold each individual living thing as valuable and worthy of compassion. We find it very upsetting that birds are shot for pleasure.

We have to endure it.

The practice of managing estates for game has a very dark side. On shooting estates, the animals that do not fit in to requirements suddenly become “pests”. All sorts of trapping devises are used. Snaring is particularly cruel. Foxes, badgers, deer and sometimes domestic pets are caught in these devices and die an agonizing death as the wire irreversibly tightens around a neck or limb.

Many of the birds that are shot never get to the table.

Uplands will survive without management! It is arrogant to think otherwise. We think we manage the earth, what we do is manipulate nature greedily and selfishly with little or no “feeling” for the other sentient beings that try to share the planet with us.

I call for a complete turn in attitude for a more compassionate world.