Going back 50 years over no-fault sackings

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From: John Wilson, Wilsons Solicitors, New Road Side, Horsforth, Leeds.

No-fault dismissals is what the law used to allow before parliament waded in less than 50 years ago to create the whole industry of unfair dismissal law and the like.

Now my handbook on the subject runs to 3,000 pages (and that’s the simplified version as I am a simple soul).

There is a whole industry of employment law nowadays, and a change to allow no-fault dismissals could put the lot of them out of work overnight.

I am sure all your readers will agree this would be a tragedy of epic proportions.

The point remains though: if no-fault dismissals are a good thing, that is effectively scrapping the whole system of unfair dismissal etc. So why not say so instead of dressing it up as a minor law change? The answer seems to be lack of courage.

The tragedy of our sophisticated modern welfare state is that it creates vested interests all over the place.