Good excuse to relocate peers

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From: Peter Hyde, Driffield.

READING Jack Blanchard’s article about moving the Royal Opera House and the House of Lords to the North seems, at first glance, a non-starter (Yorkshire Post, November 13).

One has to ask the question that if that unlikely thing were to happen, how could the Lords function so far away from the House of Commons, and who would attend the Royal Opera? Then one realises that it would not be such a bad idea, as it would give a reason to continue with that white elephant HS2.

It could be used to ferry the Lords up and down from London, at taxpayers’ expence, of course, and to bring the audiences from London to visit the opera.

Slim chance

From: Helen Barton, Upper Dunsforth.

I WAS delighted to read Kim Freshwater had trimmed down 17 stone and now weighs 11st 7lb and wears size 10 dresses (Yorkshire Post, November 13)! How is it that I weigh only half a stone more and it would be a miracle if I could fit into size 12 or 14 never mind size 10...who is kidding who?

Stop moaning

From: Mrs June Wolfe, Sutherland Road, Lightcliffe, Halifax.

IT’S usually old people who moan, but Jayne Dowle’s twice-weekly rantings and ravings take some beating.

She hasn’t a good word to say about anybody or anything, and although we know that things are not perfect Jayne should just be glad that she doesn’t live in the Philippines at the moment.

Be safe, be seen

From: David Treacher, Nelson Road, Hull.

WITH the dark evenings apon us, we should get out our high visibility clothingand wear it when we go out for a walk or when we take the dog out for a walk at night or in the fog. This enables motorists to see us more clearer and maybe avoid a road accident.

High visibility clothing is a good investment and can save lives, this has been proven on many occastions.