Good news stories prompt warm nostalgia

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From: Mrs Margaret W Whitaker, Harswell.

thank you for publishing such fantastic news coverage (The Yorkshire Post, August 21). First came the front page photo of a talented young lady from Bootham School thrilled with her exam results, then the dog from Cyprus with its 14-year-old rescuer which was a pleasure to read. But on page five came the real treat, the baby penguin in its bespoke elasticated trousers.

The following pages kept the theme going, happy youngsters looking forward to their future. It is comforting to us ancient Britons to read such uplifting stories. I cut out such pieces to send to a chum of 90; the generation who grew up between the wars in the cosy world of Pooh and Piglet finds modern life puzzling and unpleasant, so your pages were very welcome.

From: Mike Davison, Rotherham.

I READ with interest Sam Parker’s article (The Yorkshire Post, August 25). As I left Leeds many years ago, it was sad to read of the demise of the “City of Mabgate” pub. The article prompted fond memories of my visits there with work colleagues and my future wife, enjoying Whitbread bitter, an occasional “Gold Label” with toasted mushroom sandwiches. I wish Sam well in his drive to halt this attack on our heritage.