Google fails to appease EU regulator

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Google’s recent concessions to resolve concerns it is abusing its dominant position in search are not enough, Europe’s top regulator has said.

European Commission competition chief Joaquin Almunia said Google’s latest round of proposals in October don’t “eliminate our concerns regarding competition”. Specifically, he cited the way that Google treats rivals such as review service Yelp and price comparison shopping services.

Mr Almunia said he has not yet decided on filing a charge sheet against the search giant. Asked whether he has decided to levy a fine against the company, he said: “No, no, no...At this moment there is little time left, but the ball is still in Google’s court. But within a short timeframe the ball will be here and then it will be the moment to take decisions.”

Mr Almunia’s office has been investigating Google since 2010. He hopes to resolve the case by the spring of 2014, by settlement or with fines and a court case.