Government set on contracting out all the public services

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From: D Birch, Smithy Lane, Cookridge, Leeds.

THE coalition Government is hell-bent on making changes to everything in the public sector, whether they think it is necessary or not. Why? The bulk of reforms to the public sector and its pension system are to give the “opportunity” of contracting out all our services, when it should only apply to some things.

Their plan is a different ball game as it appears to cover every form of service that we pay our taxes for.

Is this the Government’s way of boosting private jobs and expanding our economy, just by changing the “workers” from public to private? It would certainly help at the pension front from the Government’s point of view and save the revenue a lot of money. But what will it do to the low paid who need the most protection?

If this is so, in the full term of five years, they will be able to boast how they cut benefits and waste. They will also reduce this country to a “nothing” member of Europe and the world. They will definitely lose the next General Election and spend the following five years blaming the Labour Party for spending the money they will have to do to clear up their mess.

Can you imagine what it will be like for a working class of a few years ago that was clawing its way to a better life under a very successful Labour government and then lost it all because of the bankers and this new five-year coalition?

Private providers are only in it for money, they couldn’t care less about the “service” part of their deal.

We all know, also in this city about the contractors who are supposed to keep all the grass verges in the city but and looked after, even in the snow. That’s what you would call “services.” When the contract is renewed it should have a clause in for the clearing of snow.

Today, there is a major problem in a real service over the care for our elderly with the closure of Southern Cross nursing homes. Once again, they banked their share of the cash first and now, once again, the taxpayer will have to pick up another very large bill.

Today on the radio and television I have listened to various people who are still sure that large parts of the NHS will be better run privately. In order to make a point the same people say the new academies being run privately are doing well. They don’t tell you that they are not taking in pupils with disabilities or the educationally sub-standard, who are supposed to be part of the deal.

To add more problems to society is a stupid and politically driven agenda. Both our Parliamentarians and also our city councillors should begin to start making it clear to the coalition that its plans should be thrown out before money is thrown away.

It is money we cannot afford if things are as bad as David Cameron and his cronies tell us they are.