'Graffiti' campaign aims to reduce drink-related crime

Alcohol awareness and anti-violence messages are to be sprayed onto the streets by Doncaster Council and police in the run up to Christmas in a bid to cut levels of drink-related crime.

Officers will be using so-called "clean graffiti", where messages are stencilled onto dirty pavements using a pressure washer, and hope the campaign will be high-impact among young people.

A demonstration of the messages was held earlier this week, but because of the icy conditions, organisers used the stencils and red spray paint to produce messages on the snow instead.

Detective Chief Insp Matt Fenwick from South Yorkshire Police said: "The two campaigns we are carrying out over the Christmas period aim to deter people from excessive drinking and committing any form of alcohol related violence.

"The police and our partners take alcohol induced violence very seriously and we will take appropriate action against people who commit these offences."

Coun Cynthia Ransome, Doncaster Council's cabinet member for neighbourhoods and regulatory/customer services, said: "The campaign is a fine example of the fantastic work we can achieve when we work with the police.

"I'm also very pleased to see new and innovative ideas, such as the clean graffiti and snow graffiti, being used to promote important messages."

Police said they will also be increasing patrols and using a range of powers to deal with anyone engaging in criminal or disorderly conduct while under the influence of alcohol.