Grandiose idea of Big Society

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From: Keith Nunn, Burton Street, Farsley, Leeds.

DAVID Cameron’s exhortations to create a Big Society are very politically correct, but largely incorrect in practical terms. It is a grandiose ambition.

What we need is a minimalist, little by little approach. Not boom, not bust, but something more middle-of-the-road and authentically British.

There is no better time than the penitential season of Lent to spring clean, get one’s own house in order, and have a good look at oneself.

Small acts of contrition, little attempts to help each other out, these are the building blocks of community reinvigoration and cohesion. They all add up to a better society, not a bigger one.

In minimis fidelis – faith in small things – is a more inspirational mantra for the journey along the Easter Road, even in Big Dave’s grandly atheistic, multi-cultural, anything goes, we’re all middle-class now Britain.

Inside out

From: John D Barrow, Station Lane, Birkenshaw.

I HEAR that, owing to a potential health risk, cereal manufacturers are to stop using recycled materials to make their packets, and move to using more sustainable materials (Yorkshire Post, March 9). Evident proof that the packets contain more nutrition than the contents!

Payment in kind

From: G Ellison, Hawthorn Avenue, Dronfield.

The Tories want “work to pay”, not bad coming from a Government who, when last in power, destroyed our industry and scrapped wages councils.

If they could, they would do the same to the minimum wage which they opposed.

Stating the case

From: D Harrop, Malton Street, Sheffield.

IS it not the case that Libya is an in independent, autonomous sovereign state under attack by an armed insurgency attempting to overthrow the régime?

If that is the case, is it not incumbent upon the leadership of the state to take all measures necessary to defeat the insurgency?