Gratitude for Barbican staff

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From: Stuart Sampson, Lichfield.

We have just enjoyed four days at the UK Snooker Championships, booked well before my wife had to undergo a knee arthroscopy.

Sadly the steeply raked seating was not suited to someone in her condition and we had to leave early on the first day, but not before her discomfort was noticed by the ushering staff.

From then on, we were allowed to watch from the front seats of the circle and were treated with great compassion and courtesy by the front of house staff at the Barbican. I would like to thank everyone concerned.

Respect, please

From: Richard Coates, Castlegate, Kirkbymoorside, York.

DON’T you think it’s about time the media in general starts to show some respect to the future Queen of England by addressing her as the Duchess of Cambridge instead of Kate or “our” Kate Middleton? To be fair, your reporter Joe Shute (Yorkshire Post, December 5) only mentions “Kate” once which is a good thing but many still call her by her maiden name and I find that rather annoying.

Let’s have a bit more respect.


From: Bob Watson, Springfield Road, Baildon.

FORMER Prime Minister Tony Blair says that it would be a monumental error of statesmanship for Britain to turn its back on Europe (Yorkshire Post, November 29).

Unfortunately, the monumental error was ours for allowing this man some 13 years to bring our country to its knees.